Our work

Fair coffee

Konfiansa wants to produce, export and sell coffee as fairly as possible. We have a goal that at least a third of what you pay for the coffee should go back to the farmer, the most marginalized player in the value chain.

A project from 2022 with a focus on resilience against floods and natural disasters.

From student organization to coffee producer

Konfiansa has a background in the student organization Kria dalan, which for several years has worked with social projects in East Timor. These projects have mainly focused on rural development issues.

With one foot in East Timor and one in Norway, we have good conditions for reducing the distance between producers in one of the world's poorest coffee-producing countries and consumers in one of the world's richest (and most coffee-drinking) countries.

Today, Konfiansa is a non-profit organization with employees in East Timor and volunteers in Norway.

Our vision

Konfiansa wants to give farmers in East Timor better
living conditions through fair trade.

Interview with a cooperative in Sacoco, Ermera 2022.

Local anchoring and presence

Production and projects must be rooted in the local community, based on local premises, and designed in collaboration with local stakeholders.

Konfiansa is primarily based in East Timor, where the organization has three Timorese employees. This means that the distance between local activities and Konfiansa is minimal, and we can largely verify that money and projects benefit the farmers.

In 2023, a research project was also carried out, as a result of a master's thesis, which examined which factors in the value chain lead to better living conditions for the farmer. Read more about the findings in our blog.

In March 2024, we established, in close cooperation with farmers in the Maubisse area, the cooperative CCALMA – Cooperativa Café Local Maubisse. Through the cooperative, we will buy coffee farmers for a good price, export and import to Norway as directly as possible, sell it to Norwegian customers, and then send all the profits back to East Timor and the cooperative. The cooperative is to be a platform for Konfiansa to better understand the needs of the farmers, adapt production requirements accordingly and initiate social projects from which the village greatly benefits. Read more about our collaboration with the farmers in Maubisse in the blog entry to the right.


This is what the money goes towards when you buy a bag (250 grams) of coffee. Konfiansa has costs of NOK 79 per bag and thus a profit of NOK 71. Of this, NOK 50 goes to rural development projects in East Timor, while NOK 21 goes to cover future costs in Konfiansa.

What is included in the import of coffee?

What costs are included in "Import of coffee" which amounts to NOK 45 per bag? These costs cover everything from coffee berries being bought by Raw Material from the coffee farmer to the bags of green coffee being imported to Trondheim.


A problem in today's value chains is the lack of transparency and traceability. Therefore, we show the costs along the entire value chain, and document exactly how the profits benefit the farmers. The organisation's local presence means that we can largely ensure the quality of the implementation of the development projects.

Until we get coffee from our own cooperative to Norway (which will happen in the winter of 2025), we import coffee in collaboration with Raw Material. Read more about their work and gain more insight into the value chain here.

For a more detailed insight into the transactions behind the distribution of costs, take a look below.

As a newly started project, our way of working will change going forward.
Read more about our future plans below.