We basically only sell whole beans. If you want finished grinding beans, contact

Everyday coffee is our affordable coffee subscription, where you receive coffee for six weeks at a time. You choose whether you want to renew the subscription (we will send you an email).

Everyday coffee

kr 350kr 480

Now Konfiansa is launching Everyday Coffee - Norway's best coffee subscription? Everyday coffee is our attempt to become your regular supplier of coffee. The subscription lasts for six weeks, and you will then receive the offer to extend the agreement. You can choose between 250g/week (equivalent to around 6 dl a day) or 166g/week (equivalent to around 3.5 dl a day). Do you wish […]

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With 3 month coffee subscription you will be sent one 250g coffee bag a month. The selection is based on what we have at any given time, but will mainly consist of berry-dried coffee.

3 month coffee subscription

kr 405kr 790

With our coffee subscription, you receive fair trade coffee from various villages in East Timor every month. Choose whole beans or filter malt, as well as how many bags (of 250 grams or 500 grams) you want sent each month. You can also choose the type of coffee or "surprise me" if you want us to choose for you :)…

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